Reseller Anti-Corruption Program

Third Party Business Partner Expectations

Danaher Speak Up! Program
As a Danaher company, we strive to achieve the highest level of integrity in our business operations. We expect our third party partners to do the same.  Every X-Rite Pantone associate is required to perform their responsibilities in a manner consistent with applicable law, regulation and our Standards of Conduct.

We expect you to act, on our behalf, with the same level of integrity that we require of our own associates under our Standards of Conduct. We also expect you to “Speak Up!” if you become aware of any violation of law, regulation or our Standards of Conduct in relation to X-Rite Pantone. The Danaher Integrity & Compliance Program Helpline portal is available for our business partners worldwide to report violations online, or by phone (toll free).

2016 - Anti-Corruption and Compliance Training for Third Parties

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