Experience the X-Rite Calibration Difference

Even the best spectrophotometers can experience occasional drift, causing uncertainty and color measurement errors. NetProfiler is a blend of software and color standards that makes it easy to adjust and validate instrument performance on a regular basis, identify instruments in need of service, and reduce variation between devices, both on-site and around the world. 

Our Ci7000 series of benchtop spectrophotometers come NetProfiler-ready with embedded status lights to verify the device is optimized for each measurement and correct issues caused by age, wear, or environmental conditions. 

NetProfiler is the Key to Keeping Color in Tolerance

When an instrument is calibrated and profiled through NetProfiler, you can trust it is measuring accurately. However, an unmaintained instrument could measure far out of tolerance. Almost immediately, colors that were previously 0.10 dE can jump to 0.20 dE, as seen in this chart showing individual instrument variation for all colors. 


Using NetProfiler consistently across the supply chain enables the accurate exchange of spectral color data for formulation and quality control when color tolerances are tight and there is little room for error. 

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