The legacy benchtop preparation checklist below helps you properly asses your fleet of benchtop spectrophotometers so you can have more awareness of when it might be time to upgrade. Since benchtop spectrophotometers are such a critical part of your entire color workflow, it can have serious implications if it fails - your entire formulation or quality control process could be put on hold for weeks - costing your business an estimated $10,000/week or more.

Use the checklist below to do a proper assessment of your fleet and be more informed when the time comes to invest in new benchtops.

Your Preparation Checklist

  • How many benchtops does your company have?
  • Understand the year/model of your benchtop spectrophotometer(s). If you company has more than one, are they all the same year?
  • Check your warranty. If your warranty is expired, check your service contract and know the details of that contract.
  • Do you have NetProfiler?
  • Know the benefits of upgrading to our latest Ci7000 series from your existing model

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