The pace of change in trends and consumer expectations continues to accelerate. This means time to market is critical. Does getting to good color sometimes slow you down, resulting in lost business? One cause can be the use of physical samples for color approvals, incurring unnecessary time and cost in the product development process. Consider communicating color digitally to get to great color even when different stakeholders in different locations are using different measurement instruments.

Here are three tips for achieving consistency in color communication that will help you reduce cycle time and speed time to market:

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  1. Ensure color measurement instruments are consistent from measurement to measurement, including the same instrument and consistency among instruments. Good inter-instrument agreement is an important characteristic for any color measurement instrument.
  2. When measuring physical samples, make sure they are always measured in the same way. A graphical job function in a spectrophotometer can provide visual instructions for operators, making sure color measurements are taken and recorded accurately.
  3. Did you know that temperature and humidity can affect the accuracy of color measurements? Operating in a controlled environment will give you the best color results.
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