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Advances in color technology like metallic, shimmer, and pearlescence effects are changing the way quality control managers evaluate color. To ensure the quality of color and appearance on special effect coatings and surfaces, you must understand how effect colors work, how they are produced, and how to ensure they match.

Evaluating Special Effect Color & Appearance

Video 1: The Importance of Color
Effect colors are not one-dimensional. They act as chameleons, changing with the scenery. So, how do you measure something as fluid as effect color?


Video 2: A New Dimension of Color
Why choose metallic color? It speaks a language that other colors don’t. It enhances shapes, communicates luxury and high-tech products, and helps products stand out from the crowd. Although metallic color may seem straightforward, it requires extra care during production and quality control.


Video 3: The Harmony of Color
Harmony. It’s in music, nature, and things we build. In quality assurance, harmony is result of a job well done. Learn which tool you need to ensure color harmony from part to part and supplier to supplier, around the world.


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