Pilot Marketing Group Adds X-Rite eXact with Scan Option

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., October 12, 2015 – X-Rite Incorporated, a global leader in color science and technology, and its subsidiary Pantone LLC, today reported that Dave Hunter, one of five G7 Expert Trainers in the world and founder of Pilot Marketing Group, has added the X-Rite eXact spectrophotometer with Scan Option to his portfolio of product offerings. By including the eXact with Scan Option in the company’s unique closed-loop color management methodology, Pilot’s clients realize an affordable way to incorporate ICC color control and G7 performance into their production workflows.


Hunter specializes in providing tools and training to printing companies that hold press operators directly accountable for printing to the numbers. He had been reselling the X-Rite eXact and was quite interested when X-Rite made the Scan Option available for this next-generation spectrophotometer. 


“I am impressed with the accuracy of the eXact in scan mode,” Hunter says.

“Quickly measuring the same target 50 times yielded extremely consistent measurements. eXact with Scan Option will play a significant role in my business – and that of my clients – in the coming years. It is part of an affordable solution that allows many more companies to implement a closed-loop approach to color measurement.”   


Incorporating eXact with Scan Option into Hunter’s unique closed-loop approach allows printers to validate that presses are hitting the G7 condition without the need for a separate press run. This saves significant time and resources without compromising performance. 


“Pilot Marketing has done a great job of raising awareness about the importance of closed-loop color measurement and management,” said Christian Benz, Product Manager, X-Rite. “We are pleased that he will be incorporating the eXact with Scan Option into his offerings, making them available to a broader audience.”


The X-Rite eXact spectrophotometer with Scan Option is a next generation handheld color measurement solution that enables printers and packaging converters to truly understand, control, manage and communicate color across the entire color workflow, avoiding reprints and rework. It incorporates a number of unique features that set it apart in the color measurement and management space, including:

  • An integrated, patented trackless measurement (Zebra) wheel that eliminates the need for rulers and backing to guide the measurement process and enables consistent and repeatable measurement regardless of the speed – fast or slow – with which patches are read. eXact Scan’s single axle ensures that the instrument moves in a straight line. This results in increased flexibility, improved productivity and more accurate measurements than could be achieved in the past.
  • True M1 measurement AND capturing of M0, M2 and M3 measurements simultaneously in less than one second, for both spot and scan readings, the only instrument in the market capable of doing so. And it is the only handheld instrument in the market that takes into consideration optical brighteners in both substrates and inks. This improves the ability for printers to quickly and easily achieve standards-compliant measurements that assist in improving overall quality while providing fact-based data that takes the emotion out of color assessment.
  • The ability to measure patches that are embedded in media without the need for a clear spot before or after the bar, using a variety of aperture sizes. This reduces the amount of space on a sheet that is consumed by color bars, making for more efficient use of these materials.


For more information about X-Rite solutions for print and packaging, please visit http://www.xrite.com/premedia-printing-color-management. 


To read the full case study, visit http://www.xrite.com/resources/pilotmarketing-group-and-exact-scan.


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