X-RiteColor Master Install guidline

You will need the following information to Register and receive a license Key. The AUI number, Serial number, and Registration number. To locate the AUI and Serial number check the cover of the plastic case the install cd is stored in. There you will find a lable with this information. The Registration number will be located after the application is correctly installed. To install correctly follow the instructions below:

1. User must be logged on to the windows os as the local administrator.
2. Remain logged on as the Local Admin until completely finished with process.
3. Install the application.
4. Next start the application.
5. The window below will open.

This is where the Registration code is located (notice the Click Here to Register Online, use this link if the pc has a connection to the internet to register and rececive a license key. If the pc does not havea connection to the internet copy the registration number on a piece of paper. On a pc with internet access go to the following internet address www.xrite.com then click on product registration )


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