SpectraCal C3 Meter Support

Customers may have technical issues with the Spectracal C3 Meter (ColorMunki Smile custom OEM device).  They will need to contact SpectraCal.  This device will not connect to X-Rite software. SpectraCal sells a custom OEM version of the ColorMunki Smile.  This is a true OEM version of the instrument.  It has a custom instrument name ("SpectraCal C3"), custom paint job/artwork, and custom instrument password so it only works with their software.  This device WILL NOT connect to any X-Rite software.  They are the only OEM with a custom version of the ColorMunki Smile device.  X-Rite does not provide support for this product...all support must go to SpectralCal. 

SpectraCal Technical Support can be contacted at: 206-457-8949 

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