Schematic; SE108-91

Cable - 6 foot, 10c/RJ45 male to DB-9s female Includes 12 inch pigtail with a female connector for AC power input. This connector is of the old style used with the 400's, 900's, old style Spheres, MA's, & virtually all strip-readers. A super choice if [a] the interface does NOT require a hardware handshake, and [b] the PC is of the DB9 variety.


Not compatible with the 500's, the new style Spheres, or the DTP41.


The vast majority of X-Rite's many instruments use an RJ45 (type) female interface connector. While identical in outside dimensions to a true RJ45, the interface in X-Rite's products is a 10 circuit design.


Attempting to substitute an 8-circuit RJ45 may result in damage to the X-Rite instrument.


RJ-10c Pin#  FunctionDB-9s Pin#  Function
9Digital Ground5Signal Ground

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