Problem Updating WEB Edition form v7.x.x to v7.1.2

The "velocis.ini" file gets overwritten, which resets the number of concurrent users to "8". The solution is to run "Activate.exe" after doing the update. Since the system is already licensed for v7.x, the license key will automatically show up correctly and the user can just hit "Continue". Velocis will then be restarted and the correct number of concurrent users will be set.

To check that the number of users is correct, you can look at the "rds.log" file. You should see 2 different lines that indicate the number of licensed and concurrent users. Both lines should have the same number. Sample "rds.log" file follows:

[01-Jun-05 10:13:39] CATPATH variable C:\PROGRA~1\X-RITE~1
[01-Jun-05 10:13:39] Idle
[01-Jun-05 10:13:39] Serial number 135166NTI
[01-Jun-05 10:13:39] Server name XRCMWEB
[01-Jun-05 10:13:39] Threads 8
[01-Jun-05 10:13:39] Threads Priority 8
[01-Jun-05 10:13:39] Number of Read Threads 2
[01-Jun-05 10:13:39] Scheduler Fairness 5
[01-Jun-05 10:13:39] memory limit -1
[01-Jun-05 10:13:39] maximum pages 700
[01-Jun-05 10:13:39] maximum log size 2000000
[01-Jun-05 10:13:39] maximum users 25
[01-Jun-05 10:13:39] licensed users 25
[01-Jun-05 10:13:39] archiving enabled 1
[01-Jun-05 10:13:39] delayed TRE's 0
[01-Jun-05 10:13:39] max chkpt buffer 300000
[01-Jun-05 10:13:39] file handle limit 100
[01-Jun-05 10:13:39] minimum available disk space 5120000

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