No It Has Never Worked

Much of the logic here matches the Yes response. In particular the part associated with visible errors. If no errors are seen then it is more likely an "Averaging" feature that has been enabled and is thus creating confusion.

If you are seeing any errors, please click this link: Yes - I'm seeing errors!

If you are not seeing errors then the problem is probably averaging!

Both the instrument and the SW have independent averaging features. It is possible to enable one or both. If this is done accidentally there is the appearance that no data is being sent to the computer. It looks like a communications error but in reality it is simply configuration. The following help pages should resolve if this is the case:

See: X-RiteColor Master Will not Save Measurements

and: Storing and Transmitting Sample Measurements

and: Instrument not Communiating with X-RiteColor Master

If this does not resolve your issue please click here to go to "My X-Rite" where you can create a new support case. One of our Technical Support Reps will then contact you for further assistance.

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