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Load Defaults Error

Load Defaults Error keeps populating when I try to calibrate or take a measurement.

Screen Blanks out and then Load Defaults appears, the main reason this happens is the unit needs charging. First, check the battery voltage. This can be done from the Main Menu by highlighting Configuration. The bottom number on the right is your current battery voltage which should be between 5.9v to 6.1v if the battery voltage is less than 4.9v the battery could be too low for measurement and will need charging or replacement.  The part number for the battery is SE15-126 and can be obtained by calling 1-888-826-3059.

Second, check the Power Supply with a Volt Meter, the volts should match the Information on the side of the Power Supply, if the Power is not producing the correct voltage then it can be obtained by calling 1-888-826-3059. If both the Battery and Power Supply are working properly then Service will be needed.

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