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Color iQC-iMatch v10.0.20.1

Name: Color iQC-iMatch

Version: v10.0.20.1

Previous Version: v10.0.10.1

Release Date: June 11, 2019

File Type: PC - Self-extracting Installer

Download File: PC Version


Notes: Version 10.0.10 is a major release and requires the purchase of a new license or upgrade license from version 9 or earlier.

Version 10.0.20 is a maintenance release that addresses the following issues:

  • Deletes IFSCollection from job before importing/converting IFS file into new EFXCollection
  • Textile Corrections now displays correct % blend for selected formula in header bar
  • Textile Manual Formula Editor now adjusts formula for % blend ratio
  • Recalling standard from database when standard is already in job no longer causes a crash
  • Remote Output to database no longer creates text columns for numeric data types
  • StdMultiTrial view now shows last sample without scrolling
  • Formulation predicted color difference results were displayed using D65-10
  • Colorant Editor did not recalculate collection unless at least 2 letdowns are present for the Resin/Base
  • Now recovers from serialization error if sensors archive is empty or corrupted

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