"Device not detected!!! Ensure that device is positioned correctly,"

Profiling the monitor and at the step that the device is being placed on the screen user is prompted with the following error message,"Device not detected!!! Ensure that device is positioned correctly"This message is most likely that the device is on the screen backwards or that something is blocking the view of the instrument to the monitor.  After clicking on the “Measure” option, make sure to place the device on the screen with the of the instrument that looks like a camera lens with felt around it lying flat against the screen and at that point the white round diffuser is what is pointing away from the screen or outward. 

Secondly, if there are any menus from the monitor displayed behind the device during measurement that can also affect the results of the profile as well as prompted this error.  Many monitors will allow you to move the OSD menus off to the side or up and down.  This will ensure the only values that the i1DisplayPro is receiving as it builds a profile are coming directly from what signals or colors the software is relaying during this process to ensure the most optimal results from the monitor profile. 

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