Calibrating the SpectroEye to a Density Reference

Question: Is it possible to calibrate my SpectroEye for an accurate density measurement?

Answer:  A spectrophotometer is a very precise measuring device.  It is not usual practice to calibrate these instruments to a densitometric reference.  That said, the SpectroEye does have a calibration mode that will allow the instrument to be matched to another device; say for "house standards".  To activate the densitometric calibration feature proceed as follows:

  1. Select “Settings > User defined > Function access > Toolbar buttons > Buttons.”

  2. Activate “Density calibration” and click “Accept data.”

  3. Go back to the main menu and select “Single measurement.”

  4. Select the measurement function “Density.” You will see the “Density calibration” button in the toolbar. Select this tool, and you can check the calibration or create a new one.

Again realize that this is a special case.  Generally speaking the standard colorimetric calibration of the SpectroEye will result in a more precise (technically accurate) calibration.

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