Application Services Error

'Unable to Communicate with Application Services' occurs at the launch of ColorDesigner v10.0 and newer. When this error occurs, the program will launch very slowly and the spectro will not be seen by the software, only showing the plug with the red circle around it.With ColorDesigner v10.4 or v10.5, this occurs when Java has not been updated or missing. This can be manually loaded from the ColorDesigner v10.4 software cd.
  1. Exit ColorDesigner by pressing Alt+F4 and then type in the Housekeeping password (usually 1234 or getmeout)
  2. Insert the ColorDesigner v10.4 or v10.5 software cd and right-click on the Start button Left-click on Explore Navigate to the cd drive (usually drive D:) and left-click on it On the right side of the screen, find the file jre-6u16-windows-i586.exe and double click on it.
  3. Follow the prompts to install Java.

With ColorDesigner v10.0 through 10.3, this usually occurs when the customer does not have access to the internet, but has launched Internet Explorer and has slelected Work Offline.
  1. Exit ColorDesigner by pressing Alt +F4 and then type in the Housekeeping password (usually 1234 or getmeout)
  2. Click on the Start button
  3. Click on Internet Explorer
  4. Click on File (located in the upper left-hand corner) Check to see if Work Offline has a check mark in front of it. If it does, click on it to uncheck it. If it does not have a check mark, have them click on it to check it and then click on it again to uncheck it.

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