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VeriColor Hub and Solo Picking the Wrong Color

VeriColor Projects contain multiple standards and when two or more standards are very close to one another their tolerances can overlap. This condition can result in the operator working with a color in which the sample measured is on the fringe of the desired color but in color space is closer to a non-desired color standard. Being closer in color space, the software (or instrument ) will select the non- desired Standard for the particular sample measurement. This is a common issue with all color software packages utilizing "Auto Select" features.Several things can be attempted in the Vericolor system to resolve this issue. They are as follows:

1) Change the tolerance from "Auto Min" or "Auto Max" to Manual and reduce the tolerances to get "Tolerance Separation" between the two Standards. If the resulting tolerance is to tight for production to achieve continue to the next step.

2) Physically look at the two standards and determine if the greatest difference in color is either Lightness/Darkness or Hue. Change the tolerance from Delta LED (default) to Delta Intensity (Lightness/Darkness) & Delta Color (Hue). Adjust the tolerances using Auto Min/Auto Max for Intensity& Color. If this does not resolve the issue try using "Manual" tolerancing and manually adjust the tolerances until the correct color is being selected. If this does not resolve the issue go to the final step below.

3) Editing the tolerances has not resolved the issue so the only option left is to separate the colors by separating them into different projects. This will require loading the desired project into the VeriColor system when running a particular color (e.g. All color exist in two projects with exception to the two offending colors. Project 1 contains only "Snow White" and Project 2 contains only "White Diamond").

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