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MA-3 / MA-5 Firmware Installer v0.67

Name: MA-3 / MA-5 Firmware Installer

Version: v0.67

Previous Version: v0.66

Release Date: gennaio 26, 2021

File Type: PC - Zip file with Installer

Download File: PC Version


Install instructions:

  • Unzip the firmware installer to a folder on your local hard drive
  • Install the MA3-5 Utility tool by clicking on the file MA_3-5_Utility_3.20_Installer
  • Open the MA3-5 Utility tool
  • Connect the instrument with your PC
  • Select “Download Firmware to Instrument”
  • The new Firmware is uploaded to the instrument.
  • Check the instrument

Firmware improvements since v0.66

  • Fix WiFi module boot issue in Factory Reset: wait 4s longer for module being ready
  • Improve cloud function: fix WiFi module transmission issues (status, success message)
  • Improve cloud function: set job status via SDK or API interface
  • WiFi setting always show all items in WiFi setting screen (On, Off, WiFi Setup, Reset)
  • More frequent GUI refreshes to avoid black squares in measurement window
  • Fix scroll issue in lists for < 4 items.
  • New LCD-display driver added (ILI9341 second source)
  • Add power board V2 (new A/D converter) WiFi
  • Improve flash memory handling: NAND flash timing for Micron Flash Version 0.67 Date: 2020-11-17
  • Correct 10 pixels vertical offset on the virtual keyboard

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