eXact™ Firmware v4.0.32355

Name: eXact™ Firmware

Version: v4.0.32355

Previous Version: v4.0.20899

Release Date: dicembre 10, 2020

File Type: PC - Self-extracting EXE, MAC - Mac Disk Image

Download File: PC Version Mac Version


 This eXact firmware release (4.0.32355) fixes several identified bugs. This includes the following fixes:

  • Removes a bug that interrupted eXact connectivity with software.
  • Enhances screen responsiveness when scrolling.
  • Improves SCTV spread calculation. 
  • Corrects the eXact - G7 SCCA Calculation. 
  • Initially Absolute TVI Shown on TVI Table when Selecting Delta

X-Rite recommends to use eXact Manager software v1.7 or higher with this firmware.

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