With a color measurement audit trail, you can work with confidence that every measurement is properly documented. Whether you need to prove a measurement is within tolerance or identify why color is off-track, an audit trail is the only fool-proof way to capture and recall the data you need.

During measurement, our Ci7800 series of benchtop spectrophotometers use video preview to help operators pinpoint the exact point of measurement. When the measurement is taken, the device can snap an image of the measurement spot to include with the audit trail. This image is stored in Color iQC software, along with comprehensive documentation about the operator, device, and measurement conditions using a globally-unique identifier so everyone involved in the workflow can see and validate the measurement. 

In addition to an image preview, the audit trail includes:

  • Operator ID, date and time of the measurement, and serial number of the device.
  • Device settings for the measurement, including aperture size, illuminant, and observer
  • Condition of the device when the measurement was taken, including NetProfiler calibration status and ambient temperature, both common causes of color measurement inconsistencies and disagreements
  • A digital signature that the measurement is genuine

An image audit trail serves many purposes:

  • Set clear expectations and eliminate color confusion between brands and suppliers 
  • Validate correct device settings were used for the measurement
  • Verify the measurement spot is free of defects 
  • Troubleshoot color measurement inconsistencies
  • Prove regulatory compliance

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