Choosing great colors is what brand owners and designers do well. Producing those colors on the target substrate with the desired printing technology and ink system, and getting the colors to match across a project that uses multiple substrates and printing technologies, can be a challenge for printers and converters.

Is this how it works in your supply chain?

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We hope not! But if you feel that pain, consider this:

  • By accessing PantoneLIVE libraries from your favorite Adobe design package, you can immediately determine the digital values for target colors, keeping in mind that the value will be different if you are printing on brown Kraft paper versus bright white carton board!
  • Once you have the digital values, specifications can be communicated digitally throughout the rest of the supply chain using Color eXchange Format, an ISO standard. This makes life easier for printers and converters while ensure that brilliant design meets expectations in the final product.
  • Use a spectrophotometer to measure proofs, check color quality during makeready and make sure that the color doesn't drift throughout production. The X-Rite eXact will help you get color eXactly right.

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