The MA-T family is the most advanced range of multi-angle spectrophotometers available today, which combines color imaging with multi-angle measurement to deliver the most complete characterization of color, sparkle, and coarseness. MA-T together with EFX QC cloud-based software, simplifies the process of communicating tolerances and measurement methods across distributed supply chains. New visual tools enable real-time performance monitoring and deliver actionable insights for troubleshooting to reduce downtime, waste, and rework.

Download our Q&A to better understand why we developed this new family of instruments, what has changed in the world of paint and coatings, and how these products have a unique set of features over other multi-angle spectrophotometers on the market.

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Prodotti di riferimento in questo White Paper



6 angoli per misure spettrali e testurizzate



12 angoli per misure di caratterizzazione totale


Software EFX QC

Per il controllo qualità delle finizioni ad effetti

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