From inspiration through final product, there are many places where color can go wrong in a plastics workflow. Especially in a world where complex, distributed supply chains are the norm, parts and materials come from a variety of sources, and everything must meet color specifications during the final manufacturing process.

Whether establishing or maintaining a corporate identity or brand or launching a new product, color has the power to create an attractive first impression that separates your image or product from the pack.

Download the Color Management in a Plastics Workflow Guide and find out how implementing an end-to-end color managed workflow can help plastics suppliers and manufacturers:

  • Ensure that colors specified in initial designs are achievable
  • Assist laboratory professionals in generating clear specifications and effective color formulations
  • Accomplish efficient inspection of incoming materials for color compliance
  • Streamline the sample-making and pre-production process by reducing the need for physical samples and ensuring that colorant recipes are accurate before full manufacturing commences
  • And much more.

Prodotti di riferimento in questo White Paper


Per ottenere le più precise e uniformi misure possibili

Color iMatch

Per la formulazione del colore nella plastica, coatings e tessili


Per la verifica e l'ottimizzazione della performance degli spettrofotometri

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