In this white paper, we will review the challenges manufacturers can experience when communicating color through a supply chain in this fast-paced digital age era. We will also introduce tools and techniques to support these efforts and gain insight into how a digitally-enabled workflow can improve color consistency, speed time to market and keep costs down.

What You Will Learn:

  • Keep pace in a digitally connected world while maintaining color performance
  • Develop a more strategic and holistic approach to your color management workflow
  • Speed to time to market and reduce the back and forth of color approvals
  • Create color harmony throughout your supply chain

Prodotti di riferimento in questo White Paper

Color iQC

Per il controllo qualità

Color iMatch

Per la formulazione del colore nella plastica, coatings e tessili

PantoneLIVE Production

For Plastic, Coatings, & Textile

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