Measuring color means using numbers to describe it. However, there are several ways to describe color. How do you know which way is better? Are they all the same? These answers, plus more, will be covered during this free webinar.

What You Will Learn:

  • The history of color and the development of systems that help describe color
  • How to communicate both color and color differences
  • If a single number can be used to describe all colors
  • Effective ways to ensure everyone is speaking the same color language
Accurately and consistently communicating color can be an issue, especially if there is not a common color language. Sign up for this webinar to ensure everyone is speaking the same color language.

Prodotti di riferimento in questo webinar


Per misure in riflettanza e in trasmittanza


Per ottenere le più precise e uniformi misure possibili

Color iMatch

Per la formulazione del colore nella plastica, coatings e tessili

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