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X-Color QC User Defined Custom Reports Q&A



How can I transfer a user defined report? Generally it can be done, by transferring the OpenOffice “.ods” file
• Open the “.ods” file with OpenOffice Calc
• Copy the entire report to the clipboard
• Open X‐Color QC and go to the report generator tab and create a new custom report
• Set the color data settings [must be exactly in the same order / illuminants selection]
• Paste clipboard content into the Report worksheet
• Set the formats [width of columns, etc.]
• Set the printer area [option must be activated in the menu bar]
Can reports be directed to a PDF file? Yes they can, just make sure you have the PDF generator set as the default printer.
Can reports be directed to an Excel file? Yes, this can be done by using a macro within OpenOffice.
If the OpenOffice toolbar does not contain a required function, how can I add them? Press the arrow on the right side of the toolbar and select customize tool bar, click on
add, and then select your desired functions.
Where can I get additional help or information for OpenOffice? http://www.openoffice.org/

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