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Resetting the 880

How to reset the 880 Densitometer?Resetting the 880 Series Instruments

To perform an instrument reset proceed as follows:

  • Press the two right-hand keys at the same time to ensure you are at the Main CHANNEL MENU.
  • Next... press the left-most key until you reach 'p5'. Note: the 880 and some OEM units may only have three ('p3') or four ('p4') pages. In any event, you are seeking the page with the prompt "cal" above the third key.
  • Here, simultaneously press the two center keys (keys 2 & 3).

    This puts you into the BIT MENU (Burn In Test).
  • Press the key beneath the word BURN.
  • Then Press the two center "Reset" keys simultaneously.
  • Then press the key beneath the word EXIT.
  • Next press the key beneath the word YES to reset RAM.
  • After the unit completes its reset, press two right keys (MENU) to return to normal operation.
  • Recalibrate your instrument
  • You will need to reprogram the unit if it is hooked to a printer or computer.

Note is is critical that the densitometer be re-calibrated following a reset

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