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Profile Reminder - How Often Should I Profile My Display?

Profile Reminder, do I need to have the reminder on?   How Often Should I Profile My Display and set the reminder message for?
A high-quality ICC display profile is the key to getting the best color from your digital display. To ensure consistent color performance, X-Rite recommends routinely re-calibrating your display. Use the Profile Reminder to set the time in between calibrations.
For general-purpose applications using a modern LCD display, X-Rite recommends calibrating every 4 weeks minimum. For more critical color applications, or for older displays that demonstrate greater color variation over time, you may wish to use a smaller interval.
You can make a display profile using i1Profiler at any time, no matter which interval you have set for the reminder (if any).  The Reminder can also be turned off by unchecking the box under Profile Creation, Create and Save Profile process.

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