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Monitor calibration is hanging on Vista or Windows 7

Creating a monitor profile but the process is getting hung up on the measurement and hanging on gray, white, or red patches without moving forward through the process.

If  profiling your monitor but the calibration is hanging on either Vista or Windows 7 there are 3 things from the Operating System level that can be a factor causing this behavior as well as DDC coming from the Monitor. The operating system behavior most commonly is affect by:

Make sure that Windows Defender and Universal Access control (UAC) are turned off as these newer security features that have been known to cause issues both in installation of USB devices and blocking the ColorMunki Software or i1Match to run properly during calibration.

The final cause is running the screen with in transparency or Aero Mode running in the display properties. This is where the windows have a glassy-three dimensional look and appear see through. If you have your display properties setup this way please shut this off by going to your Appearance and Personalization and choose Windows Vista Basic or Windows 7 Basic which would appear similar to how you view the appearance in Windows XP.

If you have gone through these steps above but the Monitor is still hanging most likely it is due to the DDC (Display Data Channel) coming from the monitor itself. Please click here for further information on how to resolve this within your ColorMunki Settings.

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