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Lamp Replacment 880 & 890 series

How to replace the lamp on an 880 or 890 series Densitometer,


NOTICE: New lamp may appear bent, DO NOT attempt to straighten or handle the lamp

1. Remove four screws securing the bottom cover with a phillips

screwdriver. Leave bottom cover on the unit.

2. Holding top and bottom covers in place, turn unit over so it rests

on the bottom cover. Remove top cover.

3. Locate optics assembly and remove screw and washer in the

middle of lamp assembly P.C.B..

4. Lift out old lamp assembly and discard.

5. Install new lamp (don't touch bulb) assembly by carefully inserting lamp into

housing and lamp pins into lamp connector. Press down gently to

make sure connector pins are properly seated.

6. Secure lamp screw and washer in place.

7. Carefully clean any dust or plastic chips off circuit board and top cover

using moisture free compressed air. Place top cover back on instrument.

8. Holding top and bottom covers in place, turn unit over so that it rests on

top cover.

9. Secure bottom cover to instrument with four screws using a

phillips screwdriver.

10. Recalibrate unit before using with a current cal strip, 880-100 (less than 18 months old).

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