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huey/hueyPRO Encountered a Problem at Startup

Q - When I attempt to run PANTONE huey/hueyPRO, the software immediately quits and displays an error: "Huey (or hueyPRO) has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." How can I fix this issue?

A - This issue has been escalated to the X-Rite engineering staff, and it is related to improper reporting of the monitor and/or video card information to the operating system. When the PANTONE huey/hueyPRO software launches, it attempts to 'read' the video information. Since it cannot find the information, it reacts as if there is no monitor on the system, and this causes the crash.

In some cases, updating your video driver software has been known to resolve this issue, so you can certainly try doing so.

When the error happens, the window that reads 'PANTONE huey has encountered a problem and needs to close' contains links for users to retrieve a crash report file. Please retrieve and supply us with the crash report.

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