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FAQ: ColorChecker SG spectral data

Many people who use the ColorChecker SG target might want spectral data for the color patches on this target. X-Rite does not post this.We do not post the spectral data for the ColorChecker SG target. We post the colorimetric data for the 24 patches of the ColorChecker Classic that is contained within the SG target but we do not post any spectral data for the ColorChecker family of targets.

We have noted that Bruce Lindbloom (www.brucelindbloom.com), WallkillColor (www.wallkillcolor.com) or BabelColor (www.babelcolor.com) may have the spectral data. If they do, we can neither confirm or deny its accuracy. These sites are not from X-Rite and we do not take any responsibility for any data they might publish there.

The colorimetric data (sRGB and L*a* b* values) for the 24-patch ColorChecker Classic is posted at the following link:

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