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Enable or Disable the SpectraLight III Auto Shut-off

The SpectraLight III daylight lamps have the shortest life among all the lamps in the unit. To reduce the frequency of daylight lamp replacement, the SpectraLight III has a feature called “Automatic Shut-Off.” This feature automatically switches the lamp source from Daylight to Cool White Fluorescent after a period of five minutes. This feature is helpful if a user leaves the booth with the Daylight source selected and does not switch to another source. Automatic shut-off is automatically enabled and is indicated by a * in the display.

To disable automatic shut-off, while the daylight source is selected, press the Daylight button once. AUTO SHUTOFF DE-ACTIVATED will appear in the display, and the * will no longer appear. If the daylight lamp is powered for more than five minutes, it will remain selected until you select another source.

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