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Electrical Requirements for the SPL III

Electrical Power:

Dedicated 20 amp line and 20 amp line protection configured receptacle, required for 90-120 VAC. Maximum power dissipation is 1500 watts. 

100-117 VAC ± 10% 50/60 Hz (5-20P plug) supplied with NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) configured 5-20P plug

220-240 VAC ± 10% 50/60 Hz (CEE 7/4 plug) supplied with a continental Europe CEE 7/4 plug

Wire gauge required for proper operation of SPL

The following matrix will provide the proper information for wire gauge and distance requirements from the main circuit breaker panel relative to the SPL. Voltage drop higher than the following is unacceptable, unsuitable and will not provide sufficient power to the SPL for proper operation.

Gauge Wire

SPL distance from the Main

Total wire length used.

Voltage Drop in wire

Wasted Power in Watts


50 ft max

100 ft

V = .27 x 12A x 2 = 3.24v



100 ft max

200 ft

V = .16 x 12A x 2 = 3.80v



200 ft max

400 ft

V = .10 x 12A x 4 = 4.80v



300 ft max

600 ft

V = .07 x 12A x 6 = 5.04v


Ideally, the SPL should not be located farther than 200 ft from the main circuit breaker panel.  If the SPL must be farther away than 200 ft, the electrician should run a heavier gauge wire to a second distribution panel or circuit panel and use 10 or 12 gauge wire from the new panel providing it is less than 200 ft away.  As can be seen from the chart, large voltage drops produce wasted power and heat in the lines. Therefore, voltage drops must be kept as low as possible.

Example of wasted power and heat in the lines:

SPL is 200 ft away from the main circuit breaker panel using #14 gauge wire.

V = .27 ohms x 12 amps x 4

V = 12.96 volt drop in the wire.

Wasted Power = 12.96v x 12 amps = 155.52 watts of heat in the lines.


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