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Differences Between ColorMunki Design and ColorMunki Photo

Differences Between ColorMunki Design and ColorMunki Photo.The differences between ColorMunki Design and ColorMunki Photo are primarily in the design of the software interface and just a couple of features offered with each. ColorMunki Design opens with a palette display, inviting designers to scroll through and pick and choose colors to assemble color palettes from within the built in library or to create new spot colors that can be exported and used within their graphic software.

The ColorMunki Photo interface is somewhat more centered around the needs of profiling the monitor and the printer therefore the interface opens directly to these options. The user is prompted with options for workflow such as profiling the monitor, projector, and printer. Clicking on any of these options will immediately launch the specific feature.   ColorMunki Design users also have the ability to create monitor, projector, and printer profiles however these features are launched separately from within the main palette interface.  ColorMunki Photo users launch the ColorPicker application to access the palette colors.

Functionally, the products are very similar. Both instruments allow users to optimize a printer profile.   ColorMunki Photo allows users to select an image that the primary colors are extracted from to build a new test chart for measurement when optimizing, ColorMunki Design users optimize by selecting colors built into the palettes.  From that point on each builds a new profile. 
The DigitalPouch is something that is a unique feature to ColorMunki Photo.  The DigitalPouch application creates a document container for sharing images. What makes this document format unique is that it is also a fully color managed, lightweight, viewing application. The document application is supported on Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
ColorMunki Design users, while not having access to the DigitalPouch are entitled to receive FREE PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM™ Digital Libraries upon registration.

Lastly, the End User License Agreements also different between the 2 products.  Please review them at the following links:


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