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Common Parts 331, 341, 331C & 341C

Common replacement parts for the 331 and 341 series
Be sure to verify the Version of your instrument some parts are not interchangable.

SE30-277 AC Adaptor for the 331C and 341C, (AC Adaptors for "C" versions are higher voltage and are not interchangable with earlier versions)

SE30-45   AC Adaptor for the 331/341

SE15-19   NI-Cadmium Battery - AA (Qt. 4) 331/341

SE15-43 Nickel-metal hydride battery pack for the 331C and 341C

301-27   Calibration Wedge (Calibration film strip used to check calibration and set "slope")

319-40-01   1 mm Aperature

319-40-02   2 mm Aperature

319-40-03   3mm Aperture (341 only)

331-29   Lamp Assembly for the 331 units with serial numbers below 100000

331-129   Lamp Assembly for the 331 units with Serial Numbers Higher than 100000

341-37    Lamp Assembly for the 341

341C-137 Lamp Assembly for the 341C

331C-129 Lamp Assembly for the 331C

331-32  Battery Holder  Assembly for the 331/341 (not needed with the "C" version)

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