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Ci7600 / Ci7800 UV Calibration in iQC

With a new Ci7600 and Ci7800 devices the settings for UV calibration of different (smaller) aperture sizes other than 25 mm need to be more defined. This is a newer setting so this article explains how that procedure is accomplished.



After the sensor has been installed or added to your Spectro Manager screen in iQC/iMatch, you can click on "Set Calibration modes".

For the mode or modes that you want to employ UV calibration on, click either new (for a new mode) or modify, for an existing mode.

In the calibration mode properties select "Cal/UV Cal/ M1" from the radio buttons on the right hand upper corner.  By default this is set for the 25 mm aperture plate.  To add a different aperture size select the port plate aperture/ lens you would like to use directly below the UV cal settings.

You will notice an edit button has been added to the "UV Filter Pos / UV Energy" portion of the screen.  Click on it.  

By using the drop at the top select a new (unused position: you can create up to five presets). Select the blank spot and give it a name.   Add any comments you might want to make.  Now set the Geometry (SPIN or SPEX).  Now set the filter position (sometimes fixed dependent on the units installed filters) and the aperture plate to be used. You can also preset the target whiteness value.

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