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Ci4100 Cleaning and General Maintenance

Unit may fail calibration, give a Error 0x83, or give bad color matches.
 How to Properly clean a Ci4100.

The spectrophotometer is a very sophisticated instrument and it's very important to keep it in a clean condition at all times. Although, it's understandable that the unit can become dirty in prolong usage or in the dusty environments. These instructions will help you properly clean your instrument. Read them thoroughly and follow precisely.

Daily check your WHITE calibration disk for any contamination. It must be shiny and clean of finger prints and other particles. If it is dirty, use a clean, lint-free, soft cloth and wipe the WHITE calibration disk with it gently, in circular motions, making sure you don't scratch it. You may use denatured alcohol only if there is excessive dirt.

Locate canned air  (the type that is used to clean computer keyboards). Only use canned air for this operation. Air from a compressor, can contain moisture and/or oil which will contaminate your instrument.  DO NOT SHAKE THE CAN AND DO NOT TURN IT UPSIDE DOWN. Attach tube extension to the nose and gently insert it into the center of the opening called the aperture. It's very important to insert the tube horizontally, about one inch forward.  Make 1-2 seconds short bursts of air by pressing on the button on the top of the air can about 3 times. Also in the opening, in the bottom left side of the sphere you will see a small opening, use the canned air to make 1 short burst cleaning this opening out. Gently pull tube out of the aperture. 

After Cleaning the unit, you must perform a Calibration. 

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