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Checking Lamp & Motor Speed 880 and 890

How do you check the Lamp strength and motor speed on 880 and 890 series.
Checking Lamp & Motor Speed 880 & 890

880 & 890 :

Start from the main menu "P1 PAP FILM BAL."

Press P1 until you get to the page where "CAL" is a choice.

Then press and release the 2nd & 3rd buttons at the same time, (just "PRESS AND RELEASE").

This will bring you to the Bit Menu.

The 3rd button is LAMP, The LAMP should be higher than 93%. Once your lamp gets below 93% you will be struggling to get a strip to read.  "Invalid measure" messages will become frequent.

After replacing the lamp it may need to be reset.  The unit should detect a new lamp and reset to 99-100% if not you can manually force it by pressing the two reset buttons (buttons 2&3).  This should only be done when a new lamp is installed, otherwise this number would be invalid. Press Exit.

The 4th button is "mot" for testing the motor.  The motor speed it should be between 1.0-1.4, the numbers should be the same or consecutive (+/-.01).  If the number doesn't fall within tolerances on an 890 series unit you can use the POT keys to try to adjust the motor speed.  On an 880 series you would run the "mot" test 3 to 4 times to force motor calibration.  If you are unable to get the motor speed within tolerances the unit would need service.

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