Our Company

Founded in 1958 and headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan with locations around the world, we are the global leader in color trends, science and technology. Through strategic acquisitions and innovations, we have expanded our color expertise to include insights from PANTONE®, Gretag Macbeth, and Munsell Color.  Our comprehensive knowledge serves a range of industries that touch many of today’s consumer products, including packaging, apparel, footwear, electronics, cosmetics, home furnishings, paint, food and beverage, and construction. Together under the Danaher umbrella, we deliver an integrated set of products and services that help customers get color right.

Our end-to-end solutions are designed for all things color – specification, communication, formulation, measurement, management, tracking and reporting for raw materials, paper-based products, ink, photography, video, metal, glass, textiles, plastics, and wood. Not only do our solutions help our customers determine what is achievable, but they also ensure consistent, accurate, and reliable color is formulated and produced throughout the production cycle and across the supply chain.

While manufacturing top-of-the-line color management devices and software is a focus for our company, our passion for color goes far beyond the production floor. Our world-class technical support and professional services staff works hard to ensure our clients stay current with trainings and seminars. By helping clients build lean processes into their own manufacturing operations, our services often result in faster production, less waste and rework, and reduction of chargebacks and rejects for a range of industries.

By embodying the spirit of innovation, we strive to help our customers blend the art and science of color. Our company aims to speed the design and approval process for our customers, simultaneously ensuring the highest level of color integrity throughout production. Our latest project, a revolutionary addition to color technology, aims to bridge the gap between color and appearance. This new appearance-focused ecosystem will produce and utilize digital measurement-based data to correctly simulate real-world materials.

Our commitment to quality and professional products and services, access to industry-leading technology, and ability to attract and retain some of the best people in the industry makes us the right partner for anyone who cares about color. Explore our site or contact us directly to learn how your business can get color, as you imagined it.  

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