X-Rite 400 Series Reset Defaults

As shipped from the factory, the following is true of all 400 series color reflection densitometers:

FunctionDefault   Description
DEN ABAbsolute      Density mode
DEN ALLEnabledDensity ALL
X10offTimes10 mode
RCIONRemote Control Functions
RPToffReference Print
P5offHardware Handshake
BAUD1200RS232 Baud rate
HDRoffHeader Output
DPTONDecimal Point
CR (or CR LF)   CR LFEOL Sequence
COMP ONSpaceField Delimiter
XoffoffXon / Xoff handshake

A typical data string is illustrated below:


Note that all four channels are measured and transmitted. The bracketed (bold) items are hidden ASCII characters where:

<sp> is ASCII 32; Space
<cr> is ASCII 13; Carriage Return
<lf> is ASCII 10; LineFeed

Early in the development of the 400 series it was decided to provide only a subset of the total I/O control package to most models. It was felt this would simplify operation for the average user while providing more features to the power operator. If an individual wishes to create an interface that will operate will all models he or she must operate from the smallest common set of available functions.

Using the chart
The left-hand column shows factory pre-set defaults for ALL X-Rite 400 series densitometers. The central column, instruments that allow this setting to be changed. The right-hand column a list of possible alternative settings.

Decimal Point= On418, 428On or Off
Default Factory SettingsModels that allow optionsPossible Options
Remote Control= On418, 428On or Off
Reference Print= Off418, 428On or Off
Hardware Handshake= Off418, 428CTS, Busy, Off
Baudrate= 1,200408, 414, 418, 428300..9,600 baud
Header Line= Off400, 414, 418, 428On or Off
EOL Sequence= CR LF     418, 428'CR' or 'CR LF'
Field Delimiter= SP400, 404, 408, 414, 418, 428    'SP' or 'CR'
Software Handshake= Off418, 428Xon / Xoff
Automatic Transmit= On400, 414Manual or Automatic

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