XRCM Unable to access database server Win7/8FAQ

In Windows 7 and 8 sometimes even if the customer employs the 5 step fix and set proper permissions, we find that we still are getting an unable to connect to the database. This can be due to an operating system setting (rule) that does not allow for the creation of programs with short names to be installed properly.

If we have tried the five step fix and permissions are correctly set on the X-Rite Color Master directory in program files or Programs files (x86) in the case of 64 bit OS then please check the following directory. C:\Program Files (x86)\X-RiteColor Master for the files rAAAAAxx.chg and rdm.chi . If these files are not present perform the following.


Uninstall X-Rite Color Master from the PC and restart the computer.

Reinstall the program but when prompted for location to install change the file path to C:\XRCM.

Continue installation until it finishes. Now launch software and select appropriate database for your instrument.

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