Will Calibrating my Monitor make it match my printer?

Snazzy Graphic Will calibrating my monitor
make it match my printer?

This is a question frequently asked of our applications staff. Monitor calibration and/or profiling is an important part of a color managed workflow. It is frequently a first step taken by many people in the implementation of color management. It is however, just one portion of a much larger picture.

Calibrating your monitor brings it to a known operational state. The calibration of multiple monitors in your shop will help them to behave in a similar fashion to one another. If you are using a calibrated and profiled monitor in a color managed workflow, in which all input and output devices have been profiled and are being managed, then you can expect the display on your monitor to be a reasonable facsimile of your final output. If on the other hand, this is not the case, monitor calibration serves as an important starting point, but is certainly not the whole answer.

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