What is the Expected Battery Life per Charge?

Q: What is the expected battery life per charge?

A: PlateScope utilizes a powerful patent-pending multi-illumination ring, dual high-resolution CMOS cameras, a high-resolution color display and chip architecture for storing and processing images and measurements. As such, the battery life is dependant on the actual time the unit spends turned on and/or measuring. The table below indicates the average run- time one can expect from the batteries when operating not connected to an AC power source.


Time Active per Hour Est. Operating Life (Hours)
100% 2.0
90% 2.2
80% 2.5
70% 2.9
60% 3.3
50% 4.0
40% 5.0
30% 6.7
20% 10.0
10% 19.9
1% 187.5


If PlateScope is connected to a computer via USB, always be sure to also connect it to an AC power source. PlateScope does not switch off automaticaly when connected to a computer via USB, and as such the battery power is reduced according to the above table.

If you are going to be working with the device for an extended period, we recommend that you keep the device plugged into a power source to avoid running down the batteries completely.

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