VueScan Monaco Reference File

Question - I have a reflective IT8 target labeled "Product MONR2004:11-02 Version 2 (IT8L7/2-1993. My scanning software instructions (VueScan) state "Copy the IT8 description file that came with your target into the Vuescan directory, and rename the copy "scanner.it8". I either didn't receive or have lost the reference file for this target. Can you tell me where on your website to get it? Answer - Our reference files are available at the following link: I am not familiar with VueScan software, but I would be very surprised if simply renaming our reference file allowed it to work with their software. Our targets are designed to be used with our EZcolor software, and as such, the data in the reference files is encrypted. I did look at the operators manual available at the VueScan website and see that they recommend Kodak, and Wolf Faust targets - neither of these use encrypted data. You may contact VueScan support directly at:

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