Transportation Mode is locked up

Transportation safety deactivation is locked up

The SpectroEye is fitted with an electronic transportation safety system, which prevents involuntary operation and thus damage to the measuring head due to impact or vibration during transport. If this has become stuck or locked up not allowing you to enter the "259" code needed to unlock the device from transportation mode, please follow the procedure below.

1. Press the measurement pad area down for about three seconds to cancel any input which may have been created by transport and unpacking movements. If this fails, and the device is still locked up not allowing you to enter the code, then move to option number two below.

2. Open the battery door and remove the battery from the SpectroEye by unplugging and removing it from the instrument. Wait about 10 seconds, then plug the battery pack back into the instrument and close the door. This will automatically take the SpectroEye into an Initialize Device Mode resetting the unit. This should always be followed by a Device Check before putting the SpectroEye back into use.

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