SpectroEye - XRGA Information

New SpectroEye instruments that support XRGA began shipping on January 3, 2011.

A notice is included with new instruments to explain the new XRGA standard and to stress that only SpectroServer 2.8 should be used with InkFormulation 5 / ColorQuality 5 (No earlier SpectroServer versions can be used). An XRGA Sticker is also placed on the outside of the instrument.

A SpectroEye that has been updated to XRGA will be identified by:

To update an older SpectroEye instrument to support XRGA, an X-Rite representative must be contacted to arrange to send the instrument to an X-Rite Service Center. It MUST be noted that the instrument needs to be updated to XRGA, or it will not be updated. For other update alternatives, contact your local X-Rite Customer Service Representative.

Note: If updating a SpectroEye instrument that will be used with NetProfiler, a new NetProfiler Card: p/n: NP2SPE-XRGA will be needed.

See other sections on the XRGA section of our website for details on the use of the SpectroEye with X-Rite software products.

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