Setting Steps in 380/381 and 390/391 Densitometers

Users may need to know how to select their desired steps for their quality control. 

Press both [MENU] buttons (two buttons on the right) to return to the "Main Menu" in the 380, 381, 390, or 391 X-Rite Densitometer.  To review or edit the step numbers that are set up in the instrument follow these simple steps:

  1. Press [p1] to go to [p2].
  2. Press [edit] and then [p1] to go to [p2] in the "Editor Menu".
  3. Select [eqn] by pressing the right [MENU] button to enter "Edit Eqn".
  4. Press the [field] button and "MD" or "S. index" will be selected as the field to edit.  Press the same button (far left) to scroll to the desired field. 
  5. Press [edit] to enter the "Field Name Editor" display.  Select [save] if no change if there are no changes to the name.
  6. Select how to report the data or "Equation Type" by pressing the button that is second from the right.   Typically base + fog, Dmax, and MD or speed index will be set as "D@S" (density at step).   DD or contrast index will be set at "Cont" (contrast) in order to subtract the LD from the HD.  Other equation types are "D@E" (density at exposure), "E@D" (exposure at density), and "Grad" (gradient).  Press [save] to save this setting.
  7. This window will allow the proper step to be selected by using the two middle buttons to scroll up or down to the appropriate step number.  Press [save] to save this selection.  When setting up DD or contrast index, both high and low density steps will need to be selected.  The display will return to the "Edit Eqn" screen after saving your step numbers.
  8. Select [field] and then the next field to edit or review.
  9. After all fields are set up properly, press both [MENU] buttons to return to the "Main Menu".

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