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Running NP3 From a Computer with No Internet Access

Running NP3 From a Computer with No Internet Access.

During installation, you will be prompted to either “Run from USB Drive” or “Install and run from Local Hard Drive”. The suggested method is to install and run from your local hard drive. The option to run from the USB Drive has been added to NetProfiler 3 for those customers who find it necessary to generate profiles from a computer that does not have access to the internet. If this is your situation, choose the option to “Run from USB Drive” on those machines which do not have internet access..

Please note that when running in this mode you must build your first profile on a computer which does have internet access, and has the software installed to be run from the local hard drive. This downloads the calibration data for your tile set, and your license information to the flash drive. After this initial profile you may create additional profiles using computers which do not have internet access.

After building profiles from your computers with no internet access, you may upload your profile information to the server by connecting the flash drive to a computer which has access and launching the NetProfiler application. The information will automatically synch. After a minute you may close the application and remove the flash drive.

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