Resetting the 528/530 using ColorMail Express

When using ColorMail Express and the 528 or 530, you have to be very careful when doing a factory reset to the instrument.  If you have a database loaded in the instrument and you perform a reset to the instrument, the database will be erased.  The factory reset was intended to bring the instrument back to the original configuration settings as it was when it left the factory.  Therefore, any database that was created and stored will be erased.  The best solution is to back up the database using ColorMail Express before resetting the unit.  Once the reset command has been performed, the database can then be downloaded back into the instrument using ColorMail Express.

Special Note:

The 528 model has only one way communications with ColorMail Express.  This means you can only download databases to the 528 instrument but you can not back databases out of the 528.  This can become a problem if you created a database within the instrument by using the keys and taking measurements.  There is no way to back up a database that was created within the instrument using the keys and taking measurements. Therefore, if you reset the instrument you will lose the database without being able to recover it.

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